March 9, 2020
Memo To: Wyckoff Families and Staff
From: Jeffrey Feifer, Ed.D., Interim Superintendent of Schools, Grace White, Assistant

The purpose of this memo is to keep you updated as we continue to receive more information
about the novel coronavirus and its impact upon our schools. Please review the following
information and remember to check these links – World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19
FAQs, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and New Jersey State Department of
Health (NJDOH).

Field Trips and Professional Development for Staff
After careful consideration of the risks and benefits of our planned school field trips and out-ofdistrict staff development, and with an abundance of caution, we have canceled all field trips and
out-of-district staff development workshops scheduled from today through April 30. Building
principals will send out more details related to specific trips. A decision concerning the trips and staff
development planned for May and June will be made at the beginning of April. We are also canceling
the Grade 8 French Class trip to Quebec and Montreal. Field trips to other schools in the area or to
locations in Wyckoff will take place as planned unless we get additional information that would
contradict that decision.

Early Dismissal and Continuity of Instruction
Wyckoff School District will follow an Early Dismissal Schedule on Monday, March
16. This time will enable our staff to develop and refine our online plans to deliver and assess
instruction in the event that schools are closed. Academic and Information Technology committees
are working together to finalize our plans for K-8 instructional continuity. These plans will naturally
vary by grade level and content area but will meet the requirements for a full day of school as
determined by the State of New Jersey. Report cards will be available online March 27 instead of
March 20 to allow staff the time to work on planning for school closings and preparation of report

Stigma Related to Coronavirus
According to the CDC, stigma and discrimination can occur when people associate an infectious
disease, such as COVID-19, with a population or nationality, even though not everyone in that
population or from that region is especially at risk for the disease. In this climate, fear and anxiety
surrounding COVID-19 can lead to stigma toward Chinese, other Asian Americans, and the Jewish
Community. The NJDOE encourages all educators and members of the public to recommit to raising
awareness of the deep educational and personal harm brought by stigma, bullying, and harassment
in our schools, and to spreading factual public health information without fear or stigmatization.

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