Charlie and the choclate factory

by Roald Dahl

Reading together, as a school, will foster a community of readers at Sicomac. Everyone, including teachers, students, parents, even administrative staff, will be participating.

Let's Get Started!

Each day in the month of October our Sicomac Family will be asked to read two chapters within the book. This can be independent reading, family time, reading amongst friends, or we even have a special opportunity for you to listen to your favorite Sicomac teachers and staff reading. Be ready for trivia, school wide activities, and searching for the golden ticket!

REMEMBER the more wonka bars you order the better chances you have of finding the golden ticket!

Chapter Recordings

Ms. Anderson

1. Here Comes Charlie
2. Mr. Will Wonka's Factory

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Ms. Boele

3. Mr. Wonka and the Indian Prince
4. The Secret Workers

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Mrs. Branciforte

5. The Golden Tickets
6. The First Two Finders

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Mrs. Calamito

7. Charlie's Birthday
8. Two More Golden Tickets Found

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Mrs. Gareffa

13. The big day arrives
14. mr. willy wonka

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Ms. Gengler

15. the choclate room
16. the oompa-loompas

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unnamed (1)

Mrs. Hubbard

Mr. Mattoon

19. the inventing room - everlasting gobstoppers and hair toffee
20. the great gum machine

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Mrs. Moor

21. good-by violet
22. along the corridor

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Ms. Patela

Mrs. Petermann

25. the great glass elevator

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Mr. Potosnak

26. the television-chocolate room

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Mr. Raimo

27. mike teavee is sent by television

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Ms. Rodriguez

28. only charlie left

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Mrs. Sharer

29. the other children go home

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Mrs. Stern

30. charlies chocolate factory

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October 2022 Monthly Calendar - Sunday Start

Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!

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